Prices Realized Hershey 2020


Representing Houston’s Finest Addresses

A Directory of Prices Realized

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"Houston from Allen Parkway"by Bill Condon 1967 $4,800


Abstract Nude by Bror Utter $4,000


"French Bouquet" by Lamar Briggs $795


Textile by Martha Mood $4,000


Original Oil by Frank Freed 1965 $1,500


Watermelons by Houston Artist, Henry Wilson $2,500


Tibetan Thangka $1,120


Signed Georges Roualt Lithograph "Figures in Ruins" $1,250


Dorothy Hood Stain Painting $2,000


"De Profundes" Oil on Board by Howard Schleeter $3,500


"Broken Egg" Oil on Canvas by Henry Libhart 1958 $1,500


Bill Condon Tempura on Cardboard $3,000


"Lion Face" Early Original Ink Drawing by Dorothy Hood $3,000


"Medieval Cat" by Agnes Sims $3,000


Butterfly Collage Signed Seena Donnison $1,600


"Fast Horse Turning Left" by Bob Fowler $3,600


Still Life by David Addickes $3,250


Eskimo Carved Stone Spirit Bear $800


Eskimo Whale Bone Sculpture of Hunter $800


Carved Pecan Wood Sculpture by Masaru Takiguchi $5,000


Diamond Platinum Ring $7,500

1c copy 2

18k Gold Bangle with Lapis, Coral, and Turquoise by Ben Nighthorse $3,000

1d copy 2

Gold Cuff with Coral, Lapis, and Turquoise by Ben Nighthorse $3,000

1g1 copy

Gold with Lapis & Stone Inlaid Ring by Ben Nighthorse $1,500


Signed Sterling Silver Todacheene Concho Belt $2,000

1e2a copy

Sterling Silver Sea Foam Green Turquoise Stone Squash Blossom Necklace with Bracelet & Ring $3,500


Four Piece Set by Margot de Taxco Enameled Snake Jewelry including, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, and Ring $3,000


14k & 18k Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet with Charms $5,000


Sapphire Bangle Bracelets $2,400

3h copy

18k Gold Pin with Coral & Opal $1,425

3 copy

18k Gold Link Bracelet with Octopus Charm Clutching a Topaz Stone with Ruby Eyes $1,900

3c copy

Hand-painted Mexican Trunk $500

1 copy

Steinway Model M Piano $7,200

6f copy

Handwoven Paisley Tablecloth $1,250


Pr of Hand Carved French Country Armchairs with Velvet Upholstery $1,200


Multiple Piece Collection of Richard M. Lincoln Texas Pottery $4,000


1st Edition Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $450